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POF!ZAK NEW Bouldering Chalk Bag
POF!ZAK NEW Bouldering Chalk Bag
POF!ZAK NEW Bouldering Chalk Bag
POF!ZAK NEW Bouldering Chalk Bag
POF!ZAK NEW Bouldering Chalk Bag

POF!ZAK NEW Bouldering Chalk Bag


Bouldering Chalk bag, made by POF!ZAK. Handmade in the Netherlands.

Spacious boulder chalk bag with unique design. The inside is made of natural cotton for better chalking. Spacious storage compartment with zipper. Pop-tight closure with Velcro + click buckle.

Size Guide

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TIP: Take an A4 sheet and hold it in your hand. This way you can imagine how big this chalk bag will be.

Bouldering Chalk bag, made by POF!ZAKHandmade in the Netherlands.

Big and easy to use for bouldering. Thanks to its design it stays upright. Even though it is a big chalk bag for bouldering, you can rolled up like a lunch bag to make it compact for traveling between your home and bouldering gym

  • Spacious chalk bag with a large opening fitting a whole hand: prevents loss of climbing chalk
  • Standing chalk bag that does not collapse: easier to chalk up. 
  • The canvas interlining makes it easier to chalk up and prevents loss of magnesium outside your chalk bag.
  • Easily recognizable appearance by the use of unique fabrics.
  • A spacious front pocket for your mobile, keys, tape, card, etcetera. Also possible to stick in your climbing brush.
  • No loss of magnesium during transportation: the chalk bag closes with velcro + snap buckle.
  • When using the snap buckle, the chalk bag becomes smaller and you can transport it in for example your backpack.
  • Easy to clean: just wipe the outside with a lightly damp cloth.

Data sheet

26 cm | 10,2 inch
24 cm | 9,45 inch
19 cm | 7,48 inch
180 gram | 6.1 oz
Velcro + snap buckle (roll the top like a lunchbag and attach)
Brush holder
Spacious front compartment for personal items and possibly brush(es)

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