POF!ZAK Bouldering Chalk Bag BATHANG

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Chalk bag, made by POF!ZAK. Handmade in the Netherlands.

This sizable boulder chalk bag can store a large amount of chalk. The bag closes with velcro and snap buckle. To prevent losing chalk. When rolled up, it is compact and easy to store in your backpack.

BATHANG is a move where you are hanging upside down from the wall by using only your toes. BATHANG is in yellow/black.

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This product is no longer in stock

Chalk bag, made by POF!ZAK. Made for boulderers, by boulderers. Handmade in the Netherlands.

We had specific wishes for our bouldering chalk bag, wishes we could not find in the current supply of chalk bags. So we thought: why not make it ourselves? We know how to use it, and what features we do and do not want in a bouldering chalk bag.

  • Spacious chalk bag with a large opening fitting a whole hand: prevents loss of magnesium. 
  • Standing chalk bag that does not collapse: easier to chalk up. 
  • Easily recognizable appearance by the use of unique fabrics.
  • No loss of magnesium during transportation: the chalk bag closes with velcro + snap buckle.
  • When using the snap buckle, the chalk bag becomes smaller and you can transport it in for example your backpack.
  • Easy to clean: just wipe the outside with a lightly damp cloth.

The version BATHANG is in the colours yellow/black.

Other information

Colour Yellow / black
Material Plastic, nylon
Closure Velcro + snap buckle (roll the top like a lunchbag and attach)