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Our story

Make bouldering (even) more fun!

Bouldering makes us happy. It is a challenging mix of strength, technique and puzzling. It improves your fitness, coordination and problem-solving skills, while you experience the satisfaction of every summit you reach. It is a social and inclusive activity, where you can enjoy the progress and successes together with others. It offers endless opportunities to surpass yourself, making it an addictive pleasure.

Although the equipment is minimal (a good pair of climbing shoes and you're good to go); you cannot avoid the fact that a bouldering puff bag is essential. As enthusiastic boulderers, we soon noticed that there was little diversity in boulder bags. While so many different people boulder, it is not only practical but also an inadequate reflection of the unique cultures, styles and our individuality. Why not make bouldering even more fun? With our experience in making bags, we have been able to make the ideal bouldering puff bag. Spacious, upright, holders for brushes and a spacious front pocket, our puff bags are very suitable for bouldering. All our puff bags are made locally in Utrecht and that is why we can proudly say: Made in Utrecht - The Netherlands.

The beginning

2014 is the year we started bouldering. We filmed fun bouldering problems and the videos were put on YouTube. We also looked for information on how to get better at bouldering. We decided to blog about this. This included a website and POF!ZAK - the blog - was born.

Your own puff bag with self-expression

We grew out of our shared bag; it was time for your own puff bag. We could not find our wishes in the offer at the time. So we decided to make our own puff bag ourselves. After x iterations we created our perfect puff bag. Boulder friends also wanted their own puff bag and so POF!ZAK - the shop - was born.

Creativity, acceptance, diversity

Bouldering halls are a reflection of someone's creativity. They are also inviting, welcoming and for everyone. We hope you see these values here. We think it is important that you can be yourself and that is reflected in our puff bags. We only make a limited number per design and we offer you the option to design your own puff bag. Choose a puff bag that suits you.

Working more sustainably; Made in The Netherlands

We are continuously looking for ways to do business sustainably. A number of things how we as a small company can contribute:

❤ We regularly purchase fabrics that would otherwise be thrown away. Consider a stain/damage on the fabric, or remnants from other companies after they have cut.

❤ Large parts made of 100% natural cotton

❤ Vegan leather on the bottom

❤ Each puff bag is made by us in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Europe, this means:

❤ No mass production in low-wage countries

❤ We purchase from other local and small businesses

❤ Limited quantities per unique design, we keep our stock very limited


Adres:Computerweg 22, 3542 DR Utrecht