POF!ZAK x Studio Wantia

Studio Wantia is a creative studio in Utrecht that originated from the search for optimism and play in our daily lives. By means of collage techniques, graphic and playful objects, fashion and spaces are filled with print design. She uses second-hand and sustainable materials for her work.

Both POF!ZAK and Studio Wantia are small-scale and local companies in Utrecht. The collaboration arose because we would like to stimulate and support local entrepreneurship. In addition, we like to boulder next to our work. We mainly do this in Utrecht at Boulderhal Sterk, Energiehaven or Zuidhaven.

With the unique print design of Studio Wantia and our focus on handmade boulder puff bags, we have teamed up to create a unique, limited edition boulder puff bag.

Sophie Wantia

Studio Wantia was founded by Sophie Wantia, who graduated in Fashion Design in 2019 at the art academy in Utrecht. This is where her enthusiasm for collage and endless experimentation with color, form and material originated. Her graduation work was shown on multiple platforms, including Amsterdam Fashion Week, Dutch Design Week and Fashionclash. In 2020 she won the Jooke Veeze Award and in 2021 the Epson Design Awards.


She can mainly be found in her studio, but also active in the bouldering hall! This is where the idea of collaborating with POF!ZAK originated. Her playful prints match the colorful bouldering halls and she designed two unique prints especially for Pof!zak. The prints are inspired by the climbing holds, mixed with the collage techniques of Studio Wantia. With both designs, each color is a new layer of print, all hand-applied to left-over fabrics.

View the chalk bags

Want to know more about Studio Wantia?

If you want to know more about Studio Wantia, visit the website via studiowantia.com or follow Studio Wantia on Instagram.