At Boulderhal Sterk in Utrecht you can enjoy delicious coffee from KEEN in addition to bouldering. KEEN is a company from Utrecht that specializes in coffee. KEEN directly buys coffee beans from local farms in Brazil, Peru and Costa Rica, among others. The coffee beans are then roasted in a sustainable way by KEEN. The coffee beans are also for sale on the KEEN website. Each product has its origin and background story of the farm.

keen koffie utrecht

The coffee beans come in special jute bags. This was a great opportunity for POF!ZAK to do something with this leftover material. After a request from STERK and KEEN, we started processing these jute bags into boulder puff bags. The jute bags were printed with different logos and texts. By cutting out the pattern for the boulder puff bag, this makes each puff bag extra unique. 

keen pofzak