Order bouldering gym chalk bags with your own logo?

Increase your branding, awareness and customer loyalty with your own bouldering gym chalk bags for boulderers. Boulderers cannot climb without a bouldering chalk bag. In a gym, these chalk bags are very visible and you strengthen your brand with the sport of bouldering.

Interested? Email us now: cevin@pofzak.com

or call / whatsapp on +31629942875

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Request a free sample!

Seeing is believing! All bouldering gyms that do not yet have their own chalk bag can receive a free bouldering chalk bag with their gym logo.
Email us your logo. Minimum resolution of 800 x 800, transparent background. Preferably in PNG format for example; bouldergym_logo.PNG

Include in your email the address of the bouldering gym. Email us now: cevin@pofzak.com
* note this promotion only applies to bouldering gym

Production in the Netherlands

All our bouldering chalk bags are made with care in the Netherlands. As a result, all necessary machines and materials are immediately and locally available. This makes us flexible and fast. That is why you can also order your own custom bouldering bag at POF!ZAK. For bouldering gyms and climbing gyms, you can get started with a small order. That makes us the ideal supplier within the Netherlands and Europe.

We have a low minimum quantity order, so you can get started with a small order.

Delivery is from own stock and production. This way we can deliver very quickly.

Lots of different designs

We make our own designs and can offer them in many different combinations.

Interested? Please try out our chalk bag configurator to see how your bouldering gym could look like: https://pofzak.com/en/custom-bouldergym/209-pofzak-bouldering-gym-chalk-bag-custom.html

Fast delivery

The minimum amount for a custom boulder chalk bag is ten pieces. Even then you can choose different designs Shipment can be done in a week or sooner, delivery time depends on the country of destination. Closer to the Netherlands is faster. 

Regularly new models, colors and pattern fabrics

By taking the production in our own hands, we can offer a wide variety of designs and combinations bouldering chalk bags. This allows you to choose a different design each time for your bouldering gym chalk bag. Also your printed logo can be changed if you want. Ordering custom bouldering chalk bags at POF!ZAK allows you to offer a wide assortiment of nice chalk bags to your customers.

bouldering gym chalk bag custom with logo

bouldering gym chalk bag custom with logo

bouldering gym chalk bag custom with logo

Contact us

If you want to have your own custom boulder chalk bag, please contact us via cevin@pofzak.com and/or send us a picture of the desired logo on the bag.

1. Send an email with logo of your bouldering gym

We press logo's on fabric. Therefore we need an image file with the logo on a transparent background. Min. resolution is 800 x 800 and in PNG format. With this logo we can prepare your own ordering page.

2. Access to your own ordering page

Create an account on our website. After account creation we can give you access to your own ordering page. The whole process can be done online. 

3. Choose a design and place an order

Choose a design for your custom chalk bags with the logo of your bouldering gym. You can choose direct payment or payment after delivery.

4. We get to work!

After receiving your order we are going to start the production of your chalk bags!