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Complete your bouldering sessions with I♥BOULDERING climbing brush! With a climbing brush, you can brush left behind climbing dust and dirt from grips. Clean holds help with more friction and grip.

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hand made chalk bag
❤ Sustainable and unique designs
❤ Each chalk bag made in the Utrecht, the Netherlands
❤ No mass production in low-wage countries
❤ Use of good quality materials from local suppliers
❤ Large parts of 100% natural cotton
klim borstel climbing brush

This is a sturdy climbing brush and suitable for all sizes of grips. The climbing brush is light and fits comfortably in the hand. The plastic handle is made from recycled plastic. Brushes are made of wild boar bristles and 100% natural (no nylon). The head has a high density of bristles. The bristles are long and medium soft. This brush is ideal for bouldering in the boulder gym and will not damage climbing holds while brushing. Handy size that fits in our bouldering chalk bag.

Weight: 32 grams
Dimensions: 18.6cm x 1.7cm x 2.5cm
Material: recycled PA6+30GF and wild boar bristles